Cordova Printed Circuits was established in 1978, and is located in Milpitas, California. We are located off Montague Expressway near highway 680.

Cordova has earned a reputation for on-time delivery of high quality flex circuits, rigid flex circuits and printed circuit boards. We can customize a schedule specifically for your requirements and we specialize in quick turns. We are backed by years of experience in the printed circuit and flex circuit industry. 


We are very satisfied with the FPCs you made for us.

Jonathan Ward Lead EE

The flexes were in good condition Thanks for your support. We are actually planning to order more.


Thank you very much for your recommendation. Cordova is a good FAB house. I have recommended this vendor to other engineers in our group. Thank you very much for your help!

Thank you very much!
Michael Yu

Cordova has earned preferred vendor status with several customers. The cornerstone of our success has been our dedication to quality. Our Quality System is established to ensure that products consistently conform to specified requirements and enable us to promote continuous improvement. Our quality system is documented and available upon request.

408-942-1100 ext. 102